Vít Klusák (1980) is a Czech film director. He studied Photography at the Secondary Graphic Industrial School in Prague, Hellichova Street. Together with Philip Remunda, he founded and since 2003 has been directing the film company Hypermarket Film, which focuses on producing documentary films and does not produce advertisements on  principle. His current most important projects are: the Czech Television documentary series – Czech Journal, several series of the legendary program Yes, boss! For TV Prima, the documentary Matrix AB (2015) portraying the oligarch Andrej Babis, and he has just completed a feature-length portrait of a gentle neo-Nazi called The World by Dalibor (2017). Klusák graduated from the Department of Documentary Film at FAMU (in the workshops of Prof. Karel Vach and Helena Třeštíková). Since October 2006, he has been a lecturer at FAMU, the Faculty of Documentary Film, and since January 2011 he has been the head mentor of the first years’ documentary workshop. In his films, he systematically returns to the tension between creation and society. His first film was a documentary comedy  “Czech Dream” (2004), which he made with Filip Remunda. The film was awarded at many festivals at home and abroad and broadcast by 24 television stations around the world. His film about American Peacemaking in Bohemia, Czech Peace (2010), featured the world premiere at the Michael Moore Festival in Traverse City. The feature-length grotesque documentary All For the Good of the World and Nošovice (2010) won the 2011 Czech Critics Award for Best Documentary (The Czech Lion). Apart from directing, he also works as a cinematographer and an editor. He has four children and lives in Prague.