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Year 2018, 102 min

Many of us have had an amazing opportunity to witness the beginning of the new millennium. We all put high expectations to this epic event and of course incredible hopes for changes for the better and for changes in our own lives. Today, after 17 years we can sum up the first results. We can compare expectations and reality. Video diaries and professional shootings of the author of the movie — director of documentaries Vitaly Mansky — will be a tool for a journey to our recent past. Most probably it will be a story in first person narrative, both about the general feelings prevailing in society, as well as the specific events that have become a symbols of these times. These can be the epic events, for example, December 31, 1999, which for all inhabitants of Russia was marked by the unexpected resignation of President Yeltsin and the appearance of the acting president Vladimir Putin whom nobody knew. Or the signing of the language law in Latvia on December 21 done by the new President of that time … Or, as it would seem, personal events, facts from own biography …




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