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Year 2013, 52 min

A documentary about the unexpected encounter of idealistic artists and the conservative inhabitants of contemporary Lidice in connection with the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Lidice tragedy.

The film shows how the two groups found themselves in a dispute over how to commemorate the war tragedy. Does the fictitious Audiodrama “Identify Lidice” distort history or is it an attempt to overcome the Communist propaganda behind the monument? Apart from the conflict around Audiodrama, the documentary also records other key events around the 70th anniversary of the burning of Lidice: an anniversary concert with political speeches and Aneta Langerová’s performance, the visit of German President Gauck, and the bizarre cultural events of the Lidice Memorial. The film tries to discover how the memory of this human tragedy functions to construct the identity of the nation and of individual characters. It wonders what to do with this remembering, how to remember, and why.


Czech television