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Near Far East
Year: 2015
70 min

The film about the situation in present day war-torn Ukraine originated over the course of a year as the director’s travel journal. A Ukrainian teacher, Tania, who works in Prague as a cleaning lady, takes the filmmaker along to visit her family in Transcarpathia. The director also meets with his friends who are local journalists, and with Petr, a revolutionary who gives an atypical tour of the residence of Viktor Yanukovych. Observational, mostly static shots, in which Filip Remunda appears only occasionally as a witness or moderator, are accompanied by his off-screen commentary offering reflections on his own relationship with Ukraine and with the media in general.

Script and Directing: Filip Remunda

Script Editor: Jana Hádková

Camera: Martin Tokár

Editing: Marek Šulík

Sound: Michal Gábor, Oleg Golovyshnikov



Czech Television