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Czechs Against Czechs
Year: 2015
88 min

The cinematic reportage with elements of a personal journal explores xenophobia in the Czech society and anti-Nazi activism as well as the filmmaker’s personal experience of living in a socially excluded Roma neighborhood. Most of the footage was shot by the director using his own camera and the immediacy of the images is further accentuated by his voiceover and commentary. He adds music for dramatic affect in only a few scenes of the film. With his direct questions, he tries to unmask the racist arguments of anti-Roma protestors as well as of many ordinary citizens.

Written and Directed by: Tomáš Kratochvíl

DOP: Tomáš Kratochvíl

Sound: Tomáš Kratochvíl

Editing: Tomáš Kratochvíl

Co-producers: Czech TV



Bontonfilm, a.s.

Deckert Distribution GmbH