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The Gospel According to Brabenec
Year: 2014
98 min

Journalist Renata Kalenská’s book of interviews with member of The Plastic People of the Universe Vratislav Brabenec recorded his memories of the underground years as well as her own experiences with this maverick individual. The cinematic sequel builds on those experiences as it captures her additional interviews with Brabenec – improvised talks at places that hold some meaning for Brabenec or Kalenská. The result is several scenes of irrelevant philosophising, self-deprecating humor, and commentary on the life of birds and on nature in general. The conversations, recorded mostly by hand-held camera, are interspersed with poetic citations. “Do you ever feel happy?” “I don’t like the word happy at all. I equate happy with stupid.” “I’m unhappy with you. So I guess I’m un-stupid.”

Director: Miroslav Janek

Script: Miroslav Janek, Renata Kalenská

DOP: Miroslav Janek

Sound: Michal Míček, Jan Čeněk

Editor: Antonie Janková

Music: Vratislav Brabenec, Joe Karafiát, Honza Komárek, The Plastic People of the Universe

Co-producer: Czech TV



Hypermarket Film